Tantra date

The Art of Conscious Touch 

Availability: on request

Recommand time of start: dinner time/ night relaxation

Place of relaxation: surprise me with your style

Lenght of the date: 3-4hours

Cost of the session: 5000aed + expenses of transport/place of relaxation 5*hotel/etc.

Level of experience: ultimate unique experience only for a mature gentleman

The Art of Conscious Touch

Conscious touch is far beyond what most people experience as everyday "touch".

It is deeper than the feeling of the skin - it is something that can be felt directly by the heart & soul of the other.

It brings joy, happiness, and feelings of pure love. It deepens understanding & intimacy, opens the heart, induces profound relaxation, and is the foundation of Tantric massage.

The effects of Conscious Touch include:

* Elimination of agitating thoughts & emotions, stress, and anxiety – through conscious, loving touch which calms the mind & senses, and centers one into the present moment

* Silencing the “monkey mind” and speaking directly to the heart – allowing you to communicate through touch things that words could never say

* A unique & profound energetic exchange between two beings – which opens up a universe of subtle nuances, intimacy, and communication through touch

* Increased intimacy at the level of the heart – sometimes experienced as being able to truly feel the other person, even “merging” all the way to the depths of the soul

You will learn:

* The state of “triple awareness” required for conscious touch – awareness upon oneself, upon the other, and upon the connection between the two

* Different types of touch – including their nuances, effects, and feelings 

* How to receive touch – to remain open and aware, totally relaxed, centered in the present moment, without thinking

* How to give touch – how to stay fully centered & conscious in the present moment, and use intuition & empathy to perceive the needs and inner state of the other

* How to expand awareness of the touch – which is felt deeper then the physical body (all the way to the heart & soul)

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