Tantra date

The Art of Conscious Touch 

Availability: on request

Recommand time of start: dinner time/ night relaxation

Place of relaxation: surprise me with your style

Lenght of the date: 3-4hours

Cost of the session: 5000aed + expenses of transport/place of relaxation 5*hotel/etc.

Level of experience: ultimate unique experience only for a mature gentleman

The Art of Conscious Touch

Conscious touch is far beyond what most people experience as everyday "touch".

It is deeper than the feeling of the skin - it is something that can be felt directly by the heart & soul of the other.

It brings joy, happiness, and feelings of pure love. It deepens understanding & intimacy, opens the heart, induces profound relaxation, and is the foundation of Tantric massage.

By the end of this workshop, you will learn how to touch with so much love, care, and affection that makes others feel pure joy and happiness in a way they've never experienced before.

The effects of Conscious Touch include:

* Elimination of agitating thoughts & emotions, stress, and anxiety – through conscious, loving touch which calms the mind & senses, and centers one into the present moment

* Silencing the “monkey mind” and speaking directly to the heart – allowing you to communicate through touch things that words could never say

* A unique & profound energetic exchange between two beings – which opens up a universe of subtle nuances, intimacy, and communication through touch

* Increased intimacy at the level of the heart – sometimes experienced as being able to truly feel the other person, even “merging” all the way to the depths of the soul

You will learn:

* The state of “triple awareness” required for conscious touch – awareness upon oneself, upon the other, and upon the connection between the two

* Different types of touch – including their nuances, effects, and feelings 

* How to receive touch – to remain open and aware, totally relaxed, centered in the present moment, without thinking

* How to give touch – how to stay fully centered & conscious in the present moment, and use intuition & empathy to perceive the needs and inner state of the other

* How to expand awareness of the touch – which is felt deeper then the physical body (all the way to the heart & soul)

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