Life coaching

" Reality is created by the mind. 

We can change our reality by changing our mind."


Are you looking for help, looking for solutions, looking for life balance, looking for lost peace and vitality? Do you suffer from helplessness in relationships, do you suffer, do you experience mental pain and do not see the way out?

Do you often feel like a victim, or do you not manage your aggression and realize that you are hurting yourself and others with it?

If you live in imbalance, you are very likely not happy with your life. Your attitudes, thoughts, affect your whole life. In work and in private. 

You need to get in balance, find perspective.

You may feel that it would help you to get in sight, to your center,

if someone accompanied you. 

My name is Daniela - i am specialized on ethicotherapy and im here to show you light, where you currently see only darkness. 

We dont meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.

If you are looking for a coach, the same applies to choosing a school for a child, choosing a doctor or psychotherapist. Try it, and if you like the approach, choose it. 

And what should be the optimal coach? 

Ask yourself, does your coach meet such criteria? 

  • a person with several years of managerial experience is suitable, 
  • a mature personality who does not need to prove anything to anyone, 
  • he/she is not a rival, he/she can support, but also advise, 
  • he/she should be independent and strategically minded with the skill to support the manager's innovative ideas, 
  • should be able to plan, evaluate and, if necessary, manage crisis intervention, or advise another expert, with a range of skills, such as active listening, constructive feedback (laudatory and critical), asking questions, support, 
  • you have excellent references from someone you know well about the coach you are interested in working with, 
  • he/she is trustworthy, he/she has charisma.

Do you feel like your life has slipped out of your hands? Do you need to orient yourself? 

With ethicotherapy coaching or sitting, you can change attitudes towards yourself, others, life, the world. 

You can discover step by step the deep causes, anger, regret, sadness, fear in yourself. 

You can understand the causes of deteriorating health, illness and start treatment on a mental and physical level. 

You can heal your relationships. 

With an ethicotherapy session, you can clarify your life values ​​and set new life goals and priorities.

Ethicotherapy will help you find lost life energy, energy balance by discovering where you block your energy, where you go against the energy of life, thus selectively shifting to low frequencies of anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, envy. 

A session will help you realize the context and take full responsibility for yourself and your life. Return to the natural state of being, to satisfaction, health, the ability to experience happiness, joy. 

To a sense of wholeness. 

What is coaching? 

Although this term was used in our country in the wrong context in the past, today its meaning, at least the interested part of the public, is already obvious. 

Coach - Support. 

The most generally accepted definition of this term states that coaching is "accompanied by a process of learning and development".

Price for the first 90 minutes consultation: 1000aed ($ 280)

 Repeated consultation:

 90min 750aed ( $ 210)

   60 min. 500aed ( $ 140)

After sending the order for the session, I will arrange an appointment with you by phone or by email.