Ta Ma Spirit progresses

in Dubai

You are welcome to select your therapy fully upon your needs.

"The woman is source of energy for the man".

By TaMa Spirit massage we give accent on the sensual and deeply touch for harmonisation of the chakras. Start of the massage is from 1st. chakra - the base of the root chakra - muladhara chakra who I am ) after we move the energy via touch to 2nd sakral chakra (sexual ) - swadhisthanawhat I feel ) where we concentrate our hands mostly. It is a source of life-giving (sexual) energy, which we unblock and we let her flow via whole body. As much is the stimulation this chakra, so much is the expenditure of energy feel. It is therefore appropriate to choose the correct progress of TaMa Spirit massage. 

Massages are full body massages. No part of the body is leave in. The main ground of massage is the initial joint energy sense called Namaste, continues with tantric flow ( according to the selected program ), and ending with total relaxing of your body ( massage of lingam ) and pulling/leaving sexual energy from/in the body. Therapy/ritual ends with a meditation.

It is important to note that TaMa Spirit massage is about you and for you. Therefore, compliance with the information recieved from the therapists and the respect of the rules and etiquette of tantra gentlemen are important.

TaMa Spirit therapists have their own style and there for each one of their massages is special and unique.