TaMa Spirit etiquette

Spiritual sensual tantra time in Dubai

Etiquette of gentleman

Please, let me remind you of few important information.

Touch is the silent gateway to the heart and i would like you to enjoy the touches of your TaMa Spirit therapist to the fullest.

Therefore i would like to remind you about the real meaning of tantra sensual massage and ask you not to confused it with sexual services.

Such services i do not offer!

During the tantra massage you should cooperate with your therapist.

You can put yourself in her hands and fully let it on her, however any unsolicited action from your side, which is not part of the agreed on program, is inappropriate.

It could disturb negatively the entire process and prevents you from enjoying the tantra massage in the right meaning and true spirit .

If you shall during the tantra massage repeatedly and grossly violate the rules of tantra massage, i may ask you to leave the massage room without any refund.

Respecting these simple rules, if you are coming to me with a wish to gather your strength, fight the stress and harmonize your body and mind, you can find a new and very pleasant way to do so.

I like to believe, that these informations will not discourage you in any way.

Let me welcome you in person and i hope, that with me,  you will enjoy all the pleasures of the true and original tantra massage.