Traditional tantra sensual relaxation.

"If you are not healthy, you wish just the one thing..."

"Why only now?" many people ask. 

Why are we thoughtfully helping each other all of the sudden, sewing masks for others, where did all those good souls come from? Why did such screw-up have to occur to make us stick together?

 The answer is simple. 

You get to know the people indeed not in the good but in the bad times. Because only in the bad times the people are able to treat each other with an HONEST love and care. 

* May the cohesion, solidarity and cooperation remained within us.

 * May the world became a place where no death is needed to finally start to live TOGETHER. 


Besides the material world, exist also the world unmaterial, we suspect. But what exactly is his task, we do not know, we do not understand. Our mind as if it was not meant for it - as if to believe only in what could be touchable, which was physical. But brain has limits. For example, scientists couldn't understand for a long time what a person missed after died. At the beginning of the twentieth century, doctor Duncan MacDougall discovered that the human body lost 14 to 28 grams of the weight at the time of death. This cannot be a breathing of breath or sweaty skin or the result of permitted sphincters. 

So what does the body leave? What is life? 

IT weights an average of 21 grams. IT is not visible, material, but IT exists. When clinical death is reversed, THIS is return to the body. The stabilized patient regains 14 to 28 grams of his weight. Even doctors are already beginning to admit, that it may be the SOUL. 

Yes, life is a soul. 

A body without a soul is not a human being.

 A body without a soul does not live. 

It remains a physical box, a complete stack of organs and other material parts that are SOMETHING missing. SOMETHING that even science can't breathe yet. Life itself needs more than body and matter. Needs a soul. 

To whom the soul leave, it ceases to live.

Welcome on TaMa Spirit.

Incall Massage · Outcall massage • Tantra Massage was born with the idea of providing relax moments of complete evasion in a busy and vibrant city in Dubai.

TAntra MAssage SPIRIT represents relaxation from the elements of traditional tantric massage (relaxation of the physical and emotional body), energy massage (relaxation of the energy body) and meditation (relaxation of the spiritual body). By releasing energy on these levels, we achieve a state of equilibrium - the chacras centers get into balance and we can fully explore the space of CONNECTION.

We create our space (body) ourselves. The way we live, the diseases we are experiencing, pain, trapping, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, negative emotions, self-deception, illusions ... all of this are signals that our body is in the area of ​​RESISTANCE. We are blocking energy(chacras) centers - by releasing energy through the tantric massage we can gradually get out of the resistance space into the space of connection. Experience the charm and magic power of the tantric massages and see for yourself. 

Touching is the quiet gate to the heart. 

Our body is our temple. 

Our soul is our consciousness.

My name is Daniela and i am providing new sensual deeply experience for gentlemans, who are really looking for quality and unique time for themself. 

I am professional certificated INDEPENDENT tantra therapist with more then 10 years experiences in tantra world. My massages per day are limited (max. 1 therapy / session).  

Due to high demand of my sessions, I recommend to make a booking in advance.

 In case, my time is fully booked, I am happy to recommand you relaxation with one of my friend.

New bookings are accepted only with screening.  

I very welcome only gentlemans, who read my presentation, who are serious, clear and able to fix session with me without to waisting time.  

My principles

Discretion and privacy is my priority and enjoying an tantra massage will be a delightful experience. I do everything in my power to have your stay in my company as discreet as possible. 

Location: private relax place in downtown area, Dubai mall, the old town

Photo verification and video: Gentlemans, please accept my privacy and dont ask me for pictures and videos. I have verified profiles on my adverts website. Be also so kind and dont ask for discount, its wasting time for all of us. Thank you for your understanding. 

Comfort:  The layout and equipment of my place is adapted to your comfort. My relaxation place is equipped with comfortable welcome room for first contact, is spacious and located a few steps from your personal relax room with your own  bathroom. The comfort of my guests was my first priority.

Etiquette of gentleman:  

Please, let me remind you of few important information.

Touch is the silent gateway to the heart and i would like you to enjoy the essence of my TaMa Spirit rituals in real authentic way.

Therefore i would like to remind you about the real meaning of tantra sensual massage and ask you not to confused it with sexual services.

Such services i do not offer!

Tamaspirit tantric code of quality

I guarantee quality, tradition and reliability.

  • You have my highest attention, care and respect.
  • I maintain 100% discretion towards you.
  • I keep the relax temple in the highest energy purity and independence. This means that i am engaged in pure tantra.
  • I do not provide sexual services.
  • I am constantly educating and advancing for you and for yourself.
  • I perform all your favorite rituals in a meditative state (a situation where a person is fully absorbed in the present moment).
  • The art of tantra is a common part of my life.

Rituals and investment

I am specialized and qualified on Intensive tantra massage, Body to body (nuru) massage, the Exclusive body to body massage and the Royal massage tantra treatment, where is included depended of progress:

EXPLORER ritual 
(covered sarong's tantra)
Standard offer / *Loyalty offer  

1hr 2200aed / 1900aed

1.5hrs 2700aed / 2400aed

  2hrs 3200aed / 2900aed  

* intensive tantra massage treatment

is the primary massage suitable for newcomers. Therapist expands and massage the body ONLY with hands. 

FLOW ritual
( nude back site body to body touch  )

Standard offer / *Loyalty offer 

1hr 2600aed / 2300aed

1.5hrs 3100aed / 2800aed

2hrs 3600aed /  3300aed 

* intensive tantra massage + nuru massage elements 

Those who have already experienced the magic of massage and know how to work with their own energy and can control it, select progress Body to body(nuru massage), where the therapist stimulates and distributing sexual energy( life giving energy) not only via her hands, but also with her own body. The result is greater tension and excitement

JOURNEY ritual
( nude back&front body to body touch)

Standard offer / *Loyalty offer 

 1hr 3100aed / 2800aed

1.5hrs 3600aed / 3300aed

2hrs 4100aed / 3800aed 

* intensive tantra massage + nuru massage + exclusive body to body elements

tantra is a basic intensive tantra with elements nuru body to body enriched with exclusive 4 elements of life involved in traditional tantric relaxation ( water, air, earth, fire). All your senses will be pampering through - sound meditation, aphrodisiac aromatherapy, visual curiosity, colourtherapy, sensual touch.Is it suitable for a slightly experienced mature gentleman, who can enjoy relaxation, vibration and luxury tantric journey. 

ROYAL ritual
( exclusive nude back&front/ inside&outside body tantra)

  Standard offer / *Loyalty offer

1hr 3600aed /  3300aed
 1.5hrs 4100aed /  3800aed 
2hrs 4600aed / 4300aed 

* intensive tantra massage + nuru massage + exclusive body to body + king elements  

is tantra for kings. A gentleman who longs for full freedom - can surrender to the choosen queen, can enjoy the full time devoted to himself, has experience in the tantric relaxation, has the opportunity to enjoy full exclusive body to body massage enriched with deep sensual touch. This massage offers a rich progress of elements for total relaxation of the body, mind and soul on spiritual, physical, energetic and emotional level.


* Loyalty offer can be used:

  •  if the gentleman confirms his first booking in the form of a deposit via paypal.
  • all gentlemen who have already completed a session with me 

With each massage you are getting:

- full freedom feeling. No activities from your side are necessary. 

- whole body&mind&soul massage stimulation

-  pro-long tantra massage of your intimate area (natural reaction of body is result of outside orgasm - happy end)

- luxury tantric experience

- sensual and pleasure performance

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