Viruses global information

As with any virus, for example virus COVID-19 has low vibration (approximately 5.5 H - 14.5 Hz). The virus dies at 25.5 Hz and higher. For a person who lives in high vibrations, i.e. in connection with the soul, it is not more dangerous than an acute respiratory infection, because the body of a healthy person vibrates higher. Only for a few reasons will it slip into LOWER VIBRATIONS. The reason may be several disturbances of the energy balance ... (fatigue, emotional exhaustion, hypothermia, chronic diseases, nervous tension, etc.). The virus is not resistant in the nature, outside the body ...

The today's average total frequency of the Earth is 27.4 Hz and would therefore be destructive to the virus, but there are places where this frequency is reduced, i.e. natural or man-made geopathic areas (hospitals, prisons, power lines, subway and public electric vehicles, shopping malls, offices, pubs, etc.) where the vibrations fall below 20 Hz.

For people with low vibrations this virus is dangerous: Pain - from 0.1 to 2 Hz; Fear - from 0.2 to 2.2 Hz; Anger / irritation - from 0.6 to 3.3 Hz; Inflammatory processes - from 0.9 to 3.8 Hz; Internal dissorder - 0.6 to 1.9 Hz; Elevated temperature (pyrexia) - 0.9 Hz; Arrogance - 0.8 Hz; Pride (megalomania) -3.1 Hz; Loneliness - 1.5 Hz; Superiority feeling - 1.9 Hz;

HIGH VIBRATIONS: Generosity - 95 Hz; Gratitude - 45 Hz; Deep gratitude - 140 Hz and more; Appraisal - 144 Hz and more; Empathy - 150 Hz and more; Love (as you tell someone), meaning, if one understands that love is a good, clear and great feeling, but he has not yet learned to love with his heart, vibration -50 Hz; "I love you" LOVE that one feels with one's heart towards all people and to all living beings without exception - 150 Hz and more; Unconditional love - 205 Hz and more.

For millennia was the frequency of our planet at 7.6 Hz, physicists call it Schumann-MRT, and this is due to fact that the rays in the space between the Earth and the ionosphere act as a wave guide and resonator. People felt comfortable under these conditions because the vibrational frequency of their energy field had the same parameters of 7.6 - 7.8 Hz. However, Schumann's frequency increased rapidly. We see the dynamics: January 1995 - 7.80 Hz, January 2000 - 9.3 Hz, January 2007 - 9.80, Hz January 2012 - 11.10 Hz, January 2013 - 13.74 Hz, January 2014 - 14.86 Hz, February 2014 - 14, 14 Hz, March 2014 -15.07 Hz, April 2014 - 15.15 Hz.In 2020, we reached 17.0 Hz. 

Even if we look at the situation scientifically, it is clear that a person who does not increase his personal vibrations, will soon leave the planet one way or another, and that neither high social areas nor accumulated capital will help. So we should not be afraid! You can increase your vibration by working on yourself and activating the conscious behavior of unity and love ...

P.S. Every negative emotion closes the approach to consciousness.